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Du 2 au 5 février 2016
By Sarah Berthiaume
Translated By Nadine Desrochers
Directed By Michel Lefebvre

Curious about sex, 16 year-old Pandora uses her new laptop to privately gather information. To her surprise, an innocent search turns into a disturbing journey through the surreal realm of cyber-porn. Conflicted by what she sees, Pandora realizes the dangers of defining oneself through the prism of the Internet, and the importance of remaining plugged into the real world.

Outside Eye Simon Boulerice
Set Design Max-Otto Fauteux
Lighting Design Renaud Pettigrew
Composer Guillaume Levesque

A Youtheatre production

Studio du Théâtre Segal
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd
Billetterie - Box Office: 514-739-7944

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