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Du 30 novembre au 13 décembre 2015
By Lorena Gale
Directed by Mike Payette

Written by the late Lorena Gale, Angélique is based on the real life and trial of a Black slave owned by Montreal iron mavericks in the 1700s. A mix between documentary theatre (loosely based on the trial transcripts), heightened drama and prose, it is an investigation on the controversial years leading up to Angéliqueʼs execution after the historical burning of Montreal in 1734. Beautifully tragic, raw and unapologetic, Gale magnifies a gossip-filled and paranoid society, mirroring it with a contemporary perspective, challenging us to think about how far we have come.


A Tableau d'Hôte Production

Studio du Théâtre Segal
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd
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