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22 mars 2015, 2 PM
SimonSimon & the Egg
Theatre for Young Audience : 7-12 Years Old
Written and Directed By Michel Lefebvre

Mysterious packages containing clues and riddles lead The Man to a fragile island state called Penumbra. Once beautiful and full of life, Penumbra is dying from the effects of climate change and environmental catastrophes. Unsure of why he is sent there, The Man slowly realizes that Penumbra reflects his own world, the planet Earth. He is awakened to the idea that we need to respect our environment and not abandon hope that we can make a difference and turn things around.

Section vidéo

Set and Costume Design by Véronique Bertrand
Lighting Design by Caroline Ross
Sound Design by Martin Messier & Guillaume Poulin
Video Design by foumalade

Tickets : $15 for students, $22 for seniors, $25 for adults, 15% discount for families of 4+

A Youtheatre Production

Studio du Théâtre Segal
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd
Billetterie - Box Office: 514-739-7944

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