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Du 3 au 7 février 2015
Medea EffectThe Medea Effect
Written By Suzie Bastien
Translated By Nadine Desrochers
Directed By Emma Tibaldo
Starring Jennifer Morehouse and James Loye

Ada is a mother who has forgotten her child during an emotional trauma. Ugo's childhood fear has come to pass, his mother has forgotten him. The Medea Effect is an emotional roller-coaster ride launching the audience into abstract heights and plunging them into emotional depths. It is also an emotional tug-of-war between two isolated minds over the same subject: the mother.

Written by Quebecois playwright Suzie Bastien, translated for Talisman Theatre by Nadine Desrochers, and directed by Emma Tibaldo, it has never been produced in English in Montreal! Opening October 11,2012 at La Chapelle, The Medea Effect will star Jennifer Morehouse as Ada and Éloi ArchamBaudoin as Ugo. The Medea Effect is like quick-sand--the unwitting audience member is lured into its emotional quagmire by the familiar surface of simple speech and common empathy. Simple speech is revealed to be a complex system of references with no inside nor outside, no beginning nor end. Once trapped, the audience is drawn inexorably into a region of profound philosophical inquiry.

Set Design by Lyne Paquette
Lighting Design by Angelique St. Amour
Costume Design by Fruzsina Lanyi
Sound Design by Matthew Waddell
Composition by Michael Leon
Video by Jean Ranger (Mindroots)

A Talisman Theatre Production

Studio du Théâtre Segal
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd
Billetterie - Box Office: 514-739-7944

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Du 11 au 20 octobre 2012, La Chapelle

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