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Fight On! Part Two
An Account of the Scintillating True Life Adventures of Francis Jeffrey Dickens in the Canadian North West Mounted Police

Du 21 au 24 mars 2019, 20h, dimanche 14h
In English, French, Cree and other First Peoples’ languages
En français, anglais, Cree et autres langages autochtones

Fostering Infinithéàtre’s ongoing mandate of reflecting and exploring life in the 21st century, Artistic Director Guy Sprung examines Canada’s ignoble past in the creative development of this second part of Fight On!, playing from March 21-24 at Espace Knox. There is no need to have seen Part One first. This cross-cultural, multilingual, meta-Brechtian romp set during the late 19th century is an ambitious undertaking; its final state will incorporate masks, multimedia, dance, and buffoonery. This original text breaks through learned history and sets it straight, though with more than a hint of a smirk. Blending comedy and Dickensian irony with tragedy, Fight On! Part Two will be mainly in English, with significant characters speaking French, Cree and Mohawk.

Following the death of his famous novelist father, Francis Jeffery Dickens (known as the Christmas Carol baby) arrives in Canada in 1874 with all the prejudices and presumptions of a white colonist/settler. After serving 11 years as a member of the North West Mounted Police, Frank is horrified by the mendacity and theft that robbed the Indigenous Peoples of their lands. He learns to respect the traditions and wisdom of Anishinaabeg culture and begins to understand the urgent need to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Frank was diminutive in stature, lame in one leg, deaf in one ear and had a tendency to stutter… the perfect comic anti-protagonist. This saga, blending comedy with tragedy for a Turtle Island prairie adventure like no other, will leave audiences questioning what it means to be Canadian.

Texte et mise en scène Guy Sprung
Avec Daniel Brochu, Patrick Abellard, Shawn Campbell, Brefny Caribou, Tyson Houseman, Howard Rosenstein, Ivan Smith, Wahiakeron George Gilbert et Manouchka Elinor

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Tarif 20$ / 15$ étudiants et aînés

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Espace Knox
6215 Godfrey Ave., NDG
Billetterie 514 987-1774 ext. 104 or RSVP online