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Fight On! Part 1
Du 10 au 22 avril 2018
In English, French, Cree and other First Peoples’ languages
En anglais, français, cree et autres langages des Premières Nations

Francis Jeffery Dickens arrives in Canada in 1874 with all the prejudices and presumptions of a white colonist/settler. After serving 11 years as a member of the North West Mounted Police, Frank is horrified by the mendacity and theft that robbed the Indigenous Peoples of their lands and begins to understand the urgent need to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Texte et mise en scène Guy Sprung
Avec Patrick Abellard, Danny Brochu, Shawn Campbell, Brefny Caribou-Curtin, Carmen Grant, Tyson Houseman, Howard Rosenstein, Anana Rydvald and Ivan Smith

Crédits supplémentaires et autres informations

Technical elements in mentorship with the incomparable 4D Art (Cité Mémoire in Old Montréal).
With additional sardonic, ironic and iconic commentary by Drew Hayden Taylor (Ojibway, Curve Lake) to be added during the performance.

Honour Mother Nature—Herbalist’s Day Special: Tues. Apr. 17, 2 tickets for $40

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Espace Knox
6215 Godfrey Ave., NDG
Billetterie 514 987-1774 ext. 104 or RSVP online