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Du 20 janvier au 15 février 2015
By Mark O’Rowe
Directed by Mitchell Cushman
Starring Sarah Dodd, Ava Jane Markus and Adam Kenneth Wilson
In this internationally acclaimed Irish drama, three lost souls weave rhythmical monologues of loneliness, violence and urban adventure into a vivid tapestry. Painting an ominous picture of Dublin’s gritty underworld, their mesmerizing tales take us from busy city streets to the top of an industrial crane in the sky, then deep into the murky purgatory of singing serial killers, vengeful angels and lovesick demons. Fantastical, exhilarating and darkly funny.

Production Design Nick Blais
Sound and Music Design Richard Feren
Stage Manager Bryn McLeod

Tuesday to Saturday - 8:00PM
Saturday - Sunday Matinees - 2:00PM, Wednesday Matinee –Feb. 4-11 - 1:00PM

An Outside the March Theatre Production

Centaur Theatre
453, St-François-Xavier
Box office : 514-845-9810

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