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Du 5 au 13 février 2011, 20h, matinées dimanches 14h
De Daniel MacIvor
Mise en scène de Liz Valdez
Chorégraphies Véronique Gaudreau
Avec Tamara Brown, Romy Daniel, Richard Gélinas, Jade Hassouné, Eric Hausknost, Paula Jean Hixson, Patricia Manessy, Neil Napier, Mike Payette, Warona Setshwaelo and Anders Yates

Humans is a powerful collection of stories, chiefly due to Daniel MacIvor’s ability to engage the human spirit. MacIvor’s capturing of characters and their stories is at once voyeuristic and intimate, simple and gripping, and profoundly moving. As he illustrates compassion towards all of the individuals he brings to light. Although the stories are uniquely Canadian, each of the characters is identifiable on a basic, primal principal; that we are human.

Through the course of the play, as stories unfold, the audience witnesses and experiences the extremities and intricacies of the human condition. Stories and characters are intricately woven with the use of choreography, live music, and storytelling creating honest portraits of the people we identify ourselves with and those that pass us on the street. Humans, as its simple title suggests, is a play about longing and life and celebrates the human spirit as complex and wondrous as the people that live it.

Live and Original Sound Designed and Performed by: Dumisizwe Vuyo Bhembe
Set Design: Lara Kaluza
Lighting and Costume Design: Noémi Poulin

$25.00 regular
$17.00 student/seniors

Tableau D'Hôte Theatre

Studio du Théâtre Segal []
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd
Billetterie - Box Office: (514) 739-7944

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