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21 et 22, du 26 au 29 octobre 2016, 20h, les 22, 23, 29 et 30 octobre, 14h
Mary StuartMary Stuart
An experimental & feminist adaptation of Schiller’s classic text
By Friedrich Schiller
Directed by Anthony Kennedy
Cast Jillian Harris, Alex Petrachuk, Meagan Schroeder, Curtis Legault, Oliver Price, Gabriel Schultz, Nils Svensson-Carrell and Anthony Kennedy

Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller tells the drama of the Queen of Scots’ imprisonment and execution under the reign of Elizabeth I, surrounded by the men of Elizabeth’s court and their lust for control. But the goal of this production exceeds historical representation. Schiller himself was merely inspired by certain historical happenings and from there created a drama, mixing fact and fiction to express a tragedy of sublime proportions. Anthony Kennedy who has both worked as a director for Listed Theatre in London as well as independent productions in Montreal, takes this a step further, using Schiller’s material as a platform from which to begin exploring themes of toxic masculinity and self-curation (think Tumblr and Instagram), under an aesthetic which favours the sensory over the verbal.

Starring obra anaïs members, the production includes Jillian Harris in the title role, who draws inspiration for her character from a genealogy of Marys (from Madonna to Mary-Kate Olsen) and Alex Petrachuk as Elizabeth I, whose performance of this tough, androgynous Virgin Queen of the Golden Age is reminiscent of Hilary Clinton. A group of male actors featuring Gabriel Schultz, Oliver Price, Nils Svensson-Carrell and Curtis Legault complete the ensemble, forming the Patriarchal Chorus of Elizabeth’s courtiers. Meagan Schroeder as Mary’s nurse, performs a physical, poetic score which underlines the whole piece. The actors all have experience in corporeal mime (think Theatre Omnibus), and bring this physical understanding of theatre to the forefront.

The performers have also been training under vocal coach Gabriel Frank, who has sung on Leonard Cohen’s most recent album. There will be the singing of renaissance choral music alongside contemporary drag performance, calling on brechtian aesthetic of contemporary dance often exemplified by the likes of Frederic Gravel. Vanessa Zaurrini’s sound design for the show will incorporate everything from Madonna, Madrigals to Metal, adding touches of her signature electroacoustic style. Darrah Miah’s set design will be an imaginative use of fabrics and chains, the set being manipulated by performers throughout the play. Sophie El-Assaad’s costumes will make a hybrid of Elizabethan fashion and the contemporary haute couture of Vogue. Video design will be provided by director Anthony Kennedy who will create living paintings playing on traditions such as Vanitas.


Tarif : 26,50$ Régulier, 21,50$ Étudiants et aînés

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