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Du 6 au 8 et du 12 au 16 octobre 2016, 20h, sauf 8 octobre 14h et 20h, 16 octobre 14h
JeromeJerome of Sandy Cove
Texte et mise en scène Christopher Moore
Musique et paroles Sarah Segal-Lazar
Avec Rob Brown, Zach Creatchman, Rahul Gandhi, Adrian MacDonald, Dominique Noel, Kelly O'Toole, Natasha Perry-Fagant, Angelo Vernucci, Ilana Zackon

The mystery surrounds a man found near dead on a beach in Nova Scotia in 1863. Both his legs were amputated at the knee, and he could not speak. The only words anyone could discern sounded like the name “Jerome”. For the rest of his life, the man called Jerome would move from home to home among the people of Nova Scotia. To this day we do not truly know where he came from or who he was.
The play explores not only Jerome’s life after being saved, but also several fantasy theories on the kind of person he might have been before. The addition of original songs written and performed by Montreal favourite, Sarah Segal-Lazar makes this a kind of folk musical.  

Costume designs by Rachel Germinario
Lighting design by Francis Lefort

Persephone Productions

MainLine Theatre
3997, boul. St-Laurent
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