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Du 21 au 26 mars 2017 - en anglais
GEORDIE THEATRE FESTIVAL - 3 pièces pour toute la famille
21, 22 et 25 mars 2017, 19h
By Marcus Youssef
Directed by Amanda Kellock
Avec David Sklar, Mariana Taylor, Aris Tyros

Let’s say three actors play out a story that takes place in a high school. Let’s say one of them plays an outgoing Egyptian-born girl who wears a Hijab. Let’s say her parents made her change schools recently because of some graffiti that said, “All Muslims must die,” and that the guidance counsellor at her new school, Mr. E, is doing his best to help her fit in. Let’s say that a big part of his advice to her is to stay away from Jorah, a grade 10 guy who has challenges of his own (namely a temper that he inherited from his dad who’s in jail for beating up his mom.) But let’s say that maybe, just maybe, Fatima and Jorah start to, like, like each other…

In Jabber, it is appearances, and judgments based on those appearances that are challenged. Some of those judgements arise out of our images of the Middle East, some arise out of our image of working class, teenage boys. All are filtered through the particular cultural laboratory of our schools where, unlike almost anywhere, people of all histories and backgrounds are thrown together, and where young people of all kinds must learn about what they believe in, and how far they are willing to go to defend those beliefs.

Costumes James Lavoie
Éclairages Ana Cappelluto
Stage Manager Kevin Olson

23-24 mars 2017, 19h, 25 mars 16h
Written by Erin Shields
Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming
With Leah Fong, Michelle Rambharose, Dakota Jamal Wellman

Meredith wants to be a pop star. Jay wants to be a hockey star. Rosie just wants to help her father. Searching for fame in a world of instant communication drives all of them to make split-second choices that have lasting ramifications. Instant is a lightning-speed, multi-narrative story about three teenagers who are trying to be heard.

Costume et décor Cathia Pagotto
Éclairages Andrea Lundy
Son Devon Bate

Script developed with Playwrights' Workshop Montreal

Water Weight
25 mars 2017, 13h, 26 mars 14h
Written by Jesse Strong
Directed by Mike Payette
With Leah Fong, Michelle Rambharose, Dakota Jamal Wellman

On a hot summer day, when they wanna stay cool... all the kids go on down to the towns swimming pool! A grade seven girl with a chubby little puppy, and a grade eight boy with a feisty feline friend, throw insults at a pool and spin out into a whirlwind of adventure. The magical swimming pool comes to life to make both their deepest wishes rise to the surface; as the boy starts to grow and the girl starts to shrink, everything begins to flow out of control! A show for children that plays with size while looking at issues with self-image; reminding us all that every water drop is a little bit different.

Costume et décor Cathia Pagotto
Éclairages Andrea Lundy
Son Devon Bate

Script commissioned and developed through Playwrights' Workshop Montréal

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