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Du 27 avril au 1er mai 2016
Teacher in the House / A Twin's Tail
Limited Engagement – 4 performances only - two one-act comedies
Teacher in the House - Susan Jeremy
A Twin's Tail - Davyn Ryall

Teacher in the House
Co-written and directed by Mary Fulham, Teacher in the House focuses on award winning New York solo performer Susan Jeremy's real-life experiences teaching homebound students in Manhattan. From teaching a 7th grade health class (Can you say penis?) to overcoming a life threatening illness, Jeremy is drawn to and inspired by teaching children who can't attend school: Ryan, a 7 year old with ADD; Rebecca, who’s waiting for a new kidney; and Angela, a paralyzed teen with a huge smile. Jeremy’s characters are keenly observed and physically portrayed with warmth, candour and humour.

A Twin's Tail
Six vital organs - three testicles - one appendage - OH MY! In A Twin’s Tail, conjoined fraternal twin brothers Oscar & Wilde discover that they have a lot more in common than just biology as they experience what adult life has to offer. Stuck together- literally- since birth, it's what they don't share that ends up bringing them even closer together as they realize that their differences are what makes them whole.


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Présentation de Village Scene Productions & Watson Arts

Piccolo Rialto Theatre
5711 ave. du Parc
Box Office: RIALTO (514) 770-7773 or TICKETPRO 514-790-1111
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