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Du 18 au 21 mai 2016, 8PM
MeMe and You
By Talia Hallmona and Pascal Brullemans
Translation Alison Bowie
Directed by Arianna Bardesono

Talia meets Julie Sirois, a Quebecer that she befriends. When she will dies in a car accident, she becomes the pretext for a very succesful identity transposition. Talia simply becomes Julie. Talia then plays the role of her sister and her mother.

The story deals with the integration of immigrants in Quebec. The last day in the homeland. The arrival in Quebec. The dream. Friendship. Wanting to become what we are not..

Me and You is written by Pascal Brullemans and Talia Hallmona were awarded the Louise- LaHaye prize for Moi et l’Autre This award recognizes the excellence of a play for young audience.

Dramaturg : Patrick Leroux
Set Design : Lyne Paquette
Costume Design : Fruzsina Lanyi
Lighting Design : David Alexandre Chabot (to be confirmed)
Sound Design : Jesse Ash (to be confirmed)
Composer : Jesse Ash (to be confirmed)
Stage Manager: Emlyn Vanbrundswaardt

Une production Talisman Theatre

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 103
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