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15 mai 2016, 20h
The Inventor of All Things
16 +
Written and performed by Jem Rolls

Forgotten Jewish Hero.
Forgotten Hungarian Hero.
Forgotten Physicist Hero.

… About the first man who ever thought of the Atomic Bomb.
Leo Szilard...
“A man too preposterous for fiction”.
So he's a Jewish Hungarian on the run from the Nazis in London in 1933.
When he has the single scariest idea any human being has ever had.
The Atomic Bomb.
And worse, even worse, the home of Physics then is Berlin.
Which has just become Nazi Berlin.
It is what happens next.
It is a true story.
He was very funny.
And prize-winningly eccentric.
And pretty much no-one has ever heard of him.

The 2015 Fringe hit remounted.
English writer/ performer Jem Rolls has done more Fringe festivals than anyone else on earth.
This will be his first run in a Canadian theatre outside of Fringe World

A new take on a very big History. By seeing it through the eyes and life of the very first man to think of it.

Refugee, genius, joker, sole survivor, eventual spouse.
Eccentric, name-dropper, Martian, Einsteinian sidekick.
Pompous, self-indulgent. Would not give up. Or shut up.
Instigator of charities, Washington Lobbies, Manhattan Projects, nuclear secrecy.

• MASSIVE HIT ACROSS CANADA, SUMMER 2015. Multiple sell-outs.
• YEARS OF RESEARCH. Bodleian Library, Budapest, etc.

Jem Rolls harnesses the narrative power. Of a story. Where a man. A very unusual man. Has in his head. For years. Only his head. The scariest idea. Any human being has ever had.
Told in five narrative slices. Taking us through the key years of 33-45. With many interjections to convey the range, humour and times of this extraordinary man.

• More than any other individual, it was Szilard who stopped the Nazi Bomb.

Photo credit: Tristan Brand

Tickets are available:
At the door the night of the performance
Or during MainLine Theatre's Box Office hours (Tuesday to Saturday from 2PM to 6PM)

Big Word Performance (Facebook)

MainLine Theatre
3997, boul. St-Laurent
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