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Du 15 au 25 octobre 2015
Compleat Female Stage Beauty
Texte Jeffrey Hatcher
Adapté pour la scène par Adam Thorburn
Mise en scène Christopher Moore et Gabrielle Soskin

Set in 1661, during the restoration of the English monarchy, the Playhouses are triumphantly reopened after 16 years of Puritan rule. The most famous portrayer of female roles on the London stage was a performer named “Kynaston”, and like every other player at the time Kynaston was a man.

The play charts his challenging journey as King Charles II suddenly changes the law, proclaiming that only women will play women’s roles. This opens the door for the first legal actress, Margaret Hughes. Hughes, along with many other women around London, including the king’s mistress and Kynaston’s former dresser, all become stars. Kynaston must face this traumatic change as he struggles to find a new theatrical identity

Jeffrey Hatcher creates an imaginative script based on historical facts. Most of the characters, places, and events within the play have been recorded in the famous diary of Samuel Pepys. To this day, much of what we know of the period comes from the day to day writings of Pepys.

Persephone, dedicated to giving work opportunities boasts a big cast for this production, graduates from several theatre programs in Montreal.
From Dawson : Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton as Ned Kynaston, Emelia Hellman as Margaret Hughes, Lucas di Tecco as Sir Charles Sedley, Riva Rose as Miss Frayne, Nicky Fournier as Lady Meresvale, and James Harrington .
From John Abbott : Chloe Giddings as Maria, Bryan Libero as Samuel Pepys, Christopher Moore as Thomas Betterton, and three ensemble members taking on several roles are Benjamin Roy, David Hudon, and Patrick Ryan.
From McGill, Martin Law plays King Charles II, and from Concordia, Alex Petrachuk plays his mistress Nell Gwynn

Design Peter Vatsis and Rachel Quinero Faia
Costumes Sonya Vallis
Lightinh Robert Moody IV
Sound Kevin Conforti

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