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Du 20 au 24 août 2014 et du 27 au 29 août 2014, 20h00, 30 août 2014, 16h00 et 20h
MistakesMistakes Were Made
By Craig Wright
Directed by Stephanie McKenna, Emma McQueen & Nir Guzinski
Starring Donald Rees, Sean Curley and Stephanie Coco Palermo

Mistakes Were Made is 75 furious, fulminating, very funny minutes, a symphonic one-man meltdown that pits Felix Artifex, a rapidly unraveling old-school deal-maker, his office phone affixed to his face like a respirator, against nine flickering lines of incoming chaos. All he's trying to do is put on a little show, by any means necessary. His only friends? A fish and the voice of his secretary.

General Admission: 12$
Students/QDF Members: 10$

Brave New Productions

MainLine Theatre
3997 Blvd. St. Laurent
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