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Du 21 au 30 août et du 4 au 6 septembre 2014, du jeudi au samedi 20h
JuliusJulius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Aaron George, Christopher Moore and Jane Needles
Starring James Milvain, James Fraser, Christopher Moore, Aaron George, Ally Caruso, Natasha Perry-Fagant, Pamela Perrotti, Jonathan Bosco, Christina Skoulikas, Amanda Goldberg,Kevin Black, Dominique Noel, Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux, Bryan Libero, Shayna Spivak, David Herz, Earl Jaedrick Palisoc, Vishesh Abeyratne, Laura Vizbara, Jonathan ReinglasRyan Ali, Steven D'Amico

The die has been cast…

Citizen, General, Consul, Dictator. All honors heaped on Gaius Julius Caesar by the Roman republic. Whispers of Caesar Tyrannus and Caesar the king set off a chain of events  that would rock the Roman republic to its very foundation.

With little time before Caesar leaves Rome to crush the Parthians, Marcus Brutus must decide if his love for the republic is worth the life of his friend.

The Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company is a non-profit, professional theatre company whose mission is to provide an inspiring and unforgettable theatre experience for patrons of all ages. Employing an innovative production staff and dynamic actors, the company performs Shakespeare’s timeless themes in a contemporary voice. The company has been touring schools in Quebec and Ontario for the past 13 years with modern English adaptations of William Shakespeare plays. This is the company’s 42nd production. They have hired over 250 actors, performed over 700 shows and have performed for over 100,000 people in their 13 year history.


Tickets: 25$ General admission, 20$ students

The Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company

Théâtre Calixa-Lavallée
3819, rue Calixa-Lavallée, Parc Lafontaine
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