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Du 23 avril au 10 mai 2015, du jeudi au samedi 20h, dimanche 15h
The Mighty CarlinsThe Mighty Carlins
By Collin Doyle
Directed by Mike Payette
Starring Chip Chuipka, Alain Goulem, Mike Hughes

On the anniversary of his wife's death, Leo Carlin and his two adult sons come together for their traditional night of drinking until they can't stand, reminiscing until they can't remember, and accusing each other until they are bonded together as a family once again. Featuring a get-rich-quick-internet-porn business and a daring plan to steal a gold statue of Jesus.

Set in the suburban area of Millwoods, Edmonton, this biting and unapologetic dark comedy takes a gripping look at family dynamics in the face of trauma, where festering old wounds are forced to come to light.

ASM Performing Arts has been training actors for film, TV, and theatre since 1995 and has fostered a platform for skill-based performance for dozens of working professionals from the local, national and international scene. Now, 20 years after its inception, ASM has moved into producing; creating opportunities for professional artists, and bringing outstanding pieces of theatre to Montreal audiences. The company celebrates work that is actor and script-centric, with minimal design elements with a view to highlighting the excellent work of the performer and the text.

Stage Manager Danielle Desormeaux

General Admission: 20$

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ASM Performing Arts
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