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Du 1er au 5 mai 2013, 20h, samedi et dimanche matinée à 14h, pas de spectacle le 3 mai
MarathonThe Marathon of Accommodation
Created and performed by Leah R Vineberg, Adriana Disman and Jacqueline Van Der Geer

Three women forced into Family. So many things can happen in those quiet homes in the suburbs. They did everything that was expected of them, no one could say they didn’t try. They laughed right along with everyone else, opened their legs when they should not have, gave out their address but did not answer the door, crashed the car, got smacked in the face, stole, lied, escaped death on several occasions and married the right person. And where is love? The Aunts Sisters Wives press their ears to the floorboards and hang their heads wildly out of speeding trains, senses honed to detect the slightest chance of heartbeat.

The Marathon of Accommodation is an earnest, playful and poignant un-layering; a detoxification of the limiting and de-spiriting femininities and masculinities that have been adopted, expected, acquired, carried and believed-in for generations. What the Aunts Sisters Wives carry forward here is the inevitable deformity of conformity, but however deformed, they do stand, unearthed, calling for corroboration.

As an artist, Leah R Vineberg has enjoyed creating her own work since 1992, first in independent theatre and later, public art. Best known projects include Telegraph from Departure Bay (2001) and Coming Home to Roost (Festival TransAmérique, 2003).

Concept and direction by Leah R Vineberg

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