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Du 26 au 29 septembre 2012, 20h, samedi 15h et 20h
HeiressThe Heinously Horrendous Heiress
By Jimmy Karamanis, Travis Henry Martin and Alexander Smith
Directed by: Jimmy Karamanis
With Chris Cavener, Kyle McIlhone, Jonah Carson, Zach Brown, Mara Lazaris, Chantale Demole, Kayleigh Choiniere, Derek Johns, Maya Malkin, Jeremy Segal

Murder is afoot! Murder most funny! The psychotic duchess Hermia Hermous has offed her aunt, with plans to do in her sister next! The only detective with enough integrity, charm and hawk-like charisma to stop her, Mr Nathaniel Moarcock!... is nowhere to be found. Therefore, Devonshire will have to make due with his par-at-best assistant, Septimus Morgenstern. But when Septimus' college rival and ex-lover appear hand in hand on the scene, things become increasingly chaotic. All Septimus can hope for now is a series of random, coincidental, and altogether amusing events that will aid him to find Hermia Hermous before she kills again!

The sequel to the hit "Vindictive Vice President", "The Heinously Horrendous Heiress" promises a night of chuckles and guffaws. Don't worry if you did not see the first play (shame on you), there are little to no ties to that plot line! So wether you're a long time follower of Nathaniel Moarcocks' misadventures, or you're just coming to see why there is a giant onion in the poster, Playwright Hero promises that you shan't be disappointed.

Régulier : 15$, étudiant : 12$

Durée 75 minutes

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