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Du 21 au 25 novembre et du 28 novembre au 2 décembre 2012, du mercredi au dimanche à 20h
The Exonerated
Texte Jessica Blank et Erik Jensen
Mise en scène Kent McQuaid
Avec Bineyam Girma, Raphael Grosz-Harvey, Chris Hicks, Kyle McIlhone, Anne-Marie Saheb, Jaa Smith Johnson, Bernice Bentley, Mikaela Davies, Yanik Ethier, Daniel Franck and Devin Swift

What does it truly mean to be exonerated?
Literally, it is to be proclaimed innocent after having been convicted of a crime.
But what effect does it have on a person, a soul, a life?
To have one’s freedom and self-respect stripped away and then, ostensibly, returned years later, after decades of incarceration?

THE EXONERATED, as interpreted by Third Eye Ensemble, attempts to answer this question through the words of six innocent men and women who emerged from years on death row to try to reclaim what is left of their lives.

Third Eye Ensemble will be donating a percentage of their proceeds to The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted, a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, advocating for, and exonerating individuals convicted of a crime that they did not commit. Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter was AIDWYC Executive Director for over 10 years.

Ticket: 15$

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