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Du 29 février au 4 mars 2012, du mercredi au samedi, 20h, matinées 1er et 3 mars 12h30, 4 mars 14h
DevilHistory of the Devil
By Clive Barker
Directed by Jeremy Michael Segal
Casting Delphine DiTecco, James Harrington, Lily MacLean, Kyle McIlhone, Liana Montoro, Arielle Palik, Logan Williams and Lucas Chartier-Dessert as the Devil.

The Devil dreams of returning to heaven and to God's side. Title 66 Productions invites Montreal to attend the trial of the Devil, presented at Théâtre Rouge in the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal from February 29th to March 4th. If he can prove that humanity is indeed culpable for many of his alleged crimes, he may return to paradise forever. From the creative mind of Clive Barker, master engineer of fantasy and horror, The History of the Devil tells the satiric tale of the Devil’s trial at the hands of the human race, with whom he’s shared the world for millennia.

Playwright Clive Barker invites the audience to travel through time and memory. Using specially created masks, behold 34 unique characters who all share one commonality: they are all born from the human desire to reach paradise. The world Barker paints resonates with vulnerability, liveliness and honesty, much like the characters that inhabit it. Whether it be angels falling from heaven in a 1212 BC Russian winter, a decaying prison cell holding accused witches in Lucerne, or a boxing match in England with stakes high enough to make a man out of a machine, the settings and characters reach out from history to tell the Devil's story. A makeshift court is assembled at Lake Turkana, Africa: if he can prove that he is innocent, he shall return to heaven for eternity; if he is found guilty, he shall remain an outcast on earth. Each testimony seamlessly transports the story to that time period and reveals the Devil wearing a different skin, until, by the end, he sheds them all. In a theatrical eruption of darkness, philosophy, and humor, The History of the Devil, alternatively titled, Scenes from a Pretended Life, exposes Lucifer as a fallen angel so like ourselves. Does he deserve paradise? Do any of us?

Title 66 Productions’ goal is to provide a cutting-edge experience in a theatre setting, bringing forth new ideas of acting, art and performance. Inspired by playwrights and artists such as Chekhov, Brecht, Beckett, Dali, Bob Wilson and the DaDa movement, the company looks to fuse acting at its purest base with an innovative design concept all the while exploring new forms and expressions. They aim to create a one-of-a-kind experience and explore new realms of art, performance and drama. Whether it's new or old, red or blue, Russian or American, they're ready to experiment, create, inspire, and move art in an exciting direction. Original company members consist of graduates of the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program. Their first production, (as Working Title Productions) was company head Logan Williams’ adaptation, chekhov’s children, this past July.

Set and costume design by Logan Williams
Costumes made by Genia DeMarco
Masks created by Danielle Fagen and Joshua Cape with guidance from John Leberg
Lighting design by Alexander Smith

Ticket : 15$

Création du Title 66 Productions

Théâtre Rouge - Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal
4750 av. Henri-Julien
Billetterie : Le Conservatoire Box Office in person (no service charges), 514-873-4031 ext: 313, or at -direct link 514-790-1245 (service charges apply)

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