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Du 13 au 17 juin 2012, 20h
Callistro the Great
Texte D.M. Bruce
Mise en scène -
Avec Sean Curley

Brave New Productions (Here's To Love!, Being Earnest) is proud to announce "Callistro The Great", an original comedy set on the fictional island of San Miguelo – to be presented at Monument Nationale's Studio Hydro Quebec this June.

It's the story of Salone (Sean Curley) as he sets out on a quest to restore peace and proeperity to his country, while risking his life in the process. Working together with some of Montreal's most promising young talent (Basin Dajani, Alexandre Lapointe, Donald Rees), Emma McQueen (The Gondoliers, Being Earnest) takes helm to direct Brave New Productions' 8th show, with returning company member Dave Reudelhuber (Here's To Love!, Being Earnest) as associate producer.

En semaine : 25$
Samedi-dimanche 22$

Brave New Productions

Studio Hydro-Québec du Monument-National
1182, Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Billetterie : 514 871-2224

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