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4 février 2012, 21h
de Sex T-Rex

Who is Jack Callaghan? He’s a man you might find carving through the Bornean jungle in a bullet-riddled jeep. He’s a man you might find swapping his tux for an unconscious guard’s uniform at the evil Baron’s masquerade ball. He’s a man you might find swinging on a swastika banner to drop-kick anachronistic SS troops! And he’s a man you might find investigating a spike in shovel sales at the Home Depot!

“CALLAGHAN!” is a classic pulp adventure filled with dastardly villains, hair-raising chases, soul-wrenching monologues, wry wit and other adorable machismo. The show captures all the excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster with intricately choreographed action sequences all happening right before your eyes in an unprecedented theatrical event made possible only through the quick wit of acclaimed Toronto comedy group Sex T-Rex! Watch in delight as Callaghan grimaces through a close escape and tries to think of something clever to say! Gasp in anticipation as a nameless goon decides weather it takes more than one punch to take him out of the action! Nod in shrewd appreciation of the parts that were clearly worked out beforehand!

Ticket 10$

Productions Sex T-Rex (Toronto)

MainLine Theatre
3997, St-Laurent
Billetterie : (514) 849-3378

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