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Du 7 au 18 décembre, 20h
BoysOne of Everything for the Boys
Texte Patrick Costello, Graham Cuthbertson, Kyle Gatehouse, Gemma James-Smith, Jay Whiting & Sarah Yaffe
Cast Patrick Costello, Graham Cuthbertson, Kyle Gatehouse, Gemma James-Smith, Jay Whiting, Trent Pardy or Nathan Prony & Sarah Yaffe
The Buck Wheaton Trio: Buck Wheaton (drums), Solon McDade (bass)°, Chris McCarron* (bass), Brad Barr (piano), JS Williams (guitar), Eric Hove (saxophone)

Yes! The world famous cast of the Whiteman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue have returned to television to bring you the most important show you’ll ever see! Yes! It’s the same night of comedy and song and TV Town extravagance that you’ve grown to love and never want to miss! And Yes! Of course you can count on special guests and famous friends to drop by, leading to those “can’t miss moments” that the Whiteman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue is famous for! Then what makes this show so important? Come celebrate with the Whiteman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue, who for the first time ever have left TV Town to honour the bravery and spirit of our Boys fighting in the conflict overseas! Yes that’s right! The Whiteman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue will be broadcast live from Land of Sun and Sand so that the Soldiers don’t have to come home! And No! Not even the Invisible Hand of Evil could disrupt the joy and laughs the Whiteman’s Stars are bringing with them, not even if he tried! So Yes! Join the Whiteman’s cast including Dick Powell, Nicky Darling, Chester Knuckles, Professor Smoats, The Buck Wheaton Trio and many more as they provide morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our Boys away from home and more importantly make TV History!

Lighting design by Sarah Yaffe
Music directed by Mark Wheaton

Billets: 23$

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MainLine Theatre
3997, St-Laurent
Billetterie : (514) 849-3378

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