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8-9 mars 2012, 20h, 10 mars 2012, 13h et 20h
Between Night and Day
Written and directed by Michael Belcher

Set in post-WWII Hollywood, Between Night and Day tells the story of the wife of a shell-shocked soldier. Presented from multiple perspectives – the vibrant color of Rose's burgeoning love for a handsome waiter and the stark blacks and whites of the film noir world in which she works – the play takes the audience from Rose’s crumbling domesticity to the shady docks and smoky bars of a crime kingpin. Split between the dictates of society and the yearnings of her heart, Rose must find a way to navigate the heartbreaking and heart-pumping travails of her dueling existence – or die trying.

Tarifs 15$

Productions Collège Lasalle

MainLine Theatre
3997, St-Laurent
Billetterie : (514) 849-3378

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