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Du 25 janvier au 20 février 2011, 20h, dimanche 14h
Joe Louis: An American Romance
Texte / By David Sherman
Mise en scène / Directed by Guy Sprung
Avec / Starring : Ardon Bess

Joe Louis: An American Romance is a dramatic biography of the black boxer who, born into an Alabama sharecropping family, became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1937 to 1949.

Joe Louis’s career and personality had a profound effect on race perceptions and relations in America.

Though he was embraced emotionally as a super hero by millions he was also dismissed as a flawed human and inadequate icon.

Was he a talented figure who altered the course of history, or a selfish human who succumbed to the hedonistic seduction of stardom?

David Sherman’s play takes us through Joe’s final days where he was working as a meet-and-greet shrill for a gambling casino.

Broke, demented, and addicted, Joe finds himself in the ring one last time facing the two opponents his feared right fist couldn’t defeated- the IRS and time.

The Brown Bomber watches his life flash before his eyes.

Adult Tickets: $20
Student/Senior Tickets: $15

Une production InfiniTheatre

Bain St-Michel
5300 St. Dominique
Billetterie/Box Office: 514-987-1774 (Ext:104)

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