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Du 3 au 18 décembre 2010, 20h30
Jesus Jello: The Miraculous Confection
Texte / by Joanne Sarazen
Mise en scène / Directed by Joanne Sarazen and Lindsay Wilson
Starring George Bekiaris, Patrick Charon, Lucinda Davis, Scott Humphrey, Catherine Lemieux, Joanna Noyes, Emily Quaile and Antoine Yared

After fainting in church during a Christmas Mass, Miles Wilson awakes in a hospital bed and beholds the face of Christ in his dessert. Hellbent on capitalizing on this "miracle", his family embarks upon a holy crusade of exploitation that gets the attention of a disenchanted gay couple, a recent widow, and even God.

This holiday season, Sheep in Fog and MainLine Theatre bring you the 2010 Fringe Hit JESUS JELLO - The Miraculous Confection.

Winner of the 2010 MainLine Frankie award, JESUS JELLO returns after its sold out Fringe run with a new set, a new script and some new faces.

23$ (tax and service incl.)

Production Sheep in Fog

MainLine Theatre
3997 St-Laurent
(514) 849-3378
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