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Du 27 au 30 octobre et du 3 au 6 novembre 2010
Hope in Chaos
By Heather M. McCuen
Directed by Bruce Lambie
Cast Laurent Castellucci, Nathaniel Erik, Frayne McCarthy, Heather McCuen, Natasha Negovanlis, Sarah Quinn, Jacqueline Van de Geer

Based on McCuen’s experience as a member of a New York State Senate-sponsored Disaster Task Force deep inside the chaos of Ground Zero directly following 9/11, Hope in Chaos recounts the team’s efforts to make sense of what has happened to their city. Then, tracked down by a reporter, Hope reveals her struggle to reconcile her time in Ground Zero with where her life has ended up ten years later.

Production Simonsmith theatre

MainLine Theatre
3997 St-Laurent
(514) 849-3378
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