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Du 13 au 24 avril 2011 , mardis au jeudis 19h30, vendredis, samedis et dimanche 24 avril 20h
Matinée dimanches 14h
For mature audiences- the play contains coarse language, adult content and nudity
Texte Peter Shaffer
Mise en scène Paul Van Dyck
Chorégraphie Jacqueline Van de Geer
Avec Noel Burton (Martin Dysart) & Bobby Lamont (Alan Strang), Nadia Verrucci (Hesther Salomon) Alarey Alsip (Jill Mason), Victoria Barkoff (Dora Strang) Clive Brewer (Frank Strang), Karl P. Werleman (Harry Dalton) Heather Huff (Nurse),& André Simmoneau (Horseman/Nugget)
Chorus: Jaime Del Aguila; Julia Dawiskiba; Ellie Moon; Fred Nguyen; Kristina Sandev; Nicholas Santillo

Set in a southern England provincial mental hospital EQUUS is a powerful, provocative and utterly jarring story of a psychiatrist Martin Dysart (Noel Burton) who seeks to understand the sexual and religious mystery that leads a boy of seventeen Alan Strang (Bobby Lamont) to deliberately blind six horses. It is an equally disturbing and inspiring examination of personal values and morality in the face of commonly accepted social prejudices. The psychological space that forms becomes the battleground between Strang and Dysart. Each man, in their own way, forces the other to question the legitimacy of their passion, or lack thereof.

The father/son dynamic that develops between them drives them both to face the truth of their situation; the tension between the freedom of unbridled passion and the controlled normalcy society expects. The characters are mere shadows of the people they once were, tethered to the normalcy that reflects society. The theme of suffering runs throughout the play; As strongly as any chain, it links together God, Equus, and Alan whose passion is exhilarating to Dysart, but can only be seen as pained by the counterbalancing voice of Hesther Salomon (Nadia Verrucci). Alan's horrible crime is not the result of a disregard for social norms, but rather the expression of deeply disturbed introjections of them. In a time where extremism and religion motivate and justify actions unspeakable, Equus demonstrates that no single act, even the most horrific, can be judged solely in black or white, it presents to us the opportunity to explore the complexity of the grey areas in between.

Light design: Jody Burkholder
Sound Desing : Paul Van Dyck
Set design: André Simoneau & Davyn Ryall
Costume design: Mélanie-Ann Fallnbigl & Davyn Ryall
Makeup: Mélanie-Ann Fallnbigl
Assistant choreographer: Loes Ruizeveldins

Tickets: $30 regular, $24 students/seniors
Two-for-one: Preview, Wednesday, April 13 (tickets at the door only)
Advance ticket purchase:
La Vitrine, 145 Ste-Catherine W., Tel: 514 285-4545 #1 Toll-free:1 866 924-5538
Priape- 1311 Ste-Catherine St. East, Tel: 514 521-8451
EM Café- 5718 ave. du Parc Tel: 514 303-5735

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