Du 10 au 13 février 2010
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Mental Floss

Written & Directed By Rena Hundert
Avec Rosaruby Glaberman, Ryan Hurl, Sebastien Jacek-Coté, Kendall Malchuk, Jessica Rose & Katie Stanfield

Franceen was to live always in the tranquil captivity of her own ranting and raving dreams...
But there was talk of the One Man, Robert Kane, the dentist, that old flame of Franceen’s, who could potentially come to her aid. Can he find her in time? Holding on to a thread as thin as dental floss, Robert will have to confront the darkest parts of the woman he loves. Along the way he may find that he’s also partly the cause of her mental decay. A fantastic landscape unfolds, as Robert goes on an adventure inside of Franceen’s mind. This is one dream-quest that will make you want to floss your head.

Set & Costume Design: Alarey Alsip
Lighting Design: Caspian Kilkelly
Technical Director: Andrew Leeke

Pay What You Can: Wednesday at 8pm
Thursday to Saturday at 8pm
Matinee: Sunday at 2pm
Adults $15 / Students & Seniors $12 /

Monamie Productions

Théâtre Ste-Catherine
264, Sainte-Catherine Est
Billetterie : (514) 284-3939

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