Du 9 au 28 mars 2010, 20h, dimanche 14h
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Father LandFather Land

Texte de Arthur Holden
Mise en scène Guy Sprung
Avec Dylan Gouze, Howard Rosenstein, Neil Napier

Sunday morning in Westmount.   Fifteen-year-old Eric Brook is writing a history essay about Uday and Qusay, the sons of Saddam Hussein. His father Joe, a successful accountant, is about to take Eric′s reformed drug-addict uncle Victor to see their elderly father at the seniors′ residence.   It′s a quiet, uneventful day...  which turns suddenly menacing when Victor reveals that he owes money to a local mobster – money he doesn′t have – and the mobster is on his way over to collect.   The irresistible force of Victor′s desperation confronts the immoveable object of Joe′s outrage as young Eric, excluded from the conflict by his father, finds himself drawn to the bright flame of his uncle′s recklessness.   In the boy′s imagination his uncle and father become Uday and Qusay Hussein in the fateful aftermath of the American invasion: two men trapped in a sumptuous house as a mortal enemy approaches.

Alternating between the Brook home and the Iraqi villa in which the Hussein brothers have taken refuge, Father Land advances toward twin resolutions: one decreed by history, both by loyalty shot through with spite.   It is a story of the debt owed by sons to fathers, by fathers to sons, by blood to blood.

Set and Costume Design by James Lavoie
Lighting Design by Sarah Yaffe
Sound Design by Keith Thomas
Stage Managed by Sarah-Marie Langlois

Admission générale $20
Étudiants & Ainés  $15
Groupes (6 et plus) $10

Une production d'InfiniTheatre

Bain St-Michel
5300 St-Dominique
Billetterie - Box Office : 514.987.1774

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