15-16-17 mai 2009
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Someone BetweenSomeone Between

Written and performed by Chantria Tram
Directed by Milena Buziak

Apsara Theatre Company, a fresh voice on the Montreal Anglophone theatre scene, presents Someone Between, the powerful tale of one woman’s journey to come to terms with an all-too-Canadian problem, identity. From the time of her arrival from Cambodia, to her life in Montreal, Chantria Tram shows us what it is to be “someone between.”

Apsara Theatre Company was founded by Concordia University theatre graduates, Chantria Tram and Milena Buziak, with the vision to produce multicultural and intercultural theatre that is inclusive and meaningful, in order to build bridges of dialogue amongst Canada’s diverse population. Promoting cultural diversity and giving shape to stories yet unheard, its young artists wish to create theatre that is socially, politically and culturally relevant.

Someone Between is a compelling one-woman show, slated to run from Friday, May 15th to Sunday May 17th at the Monument National, 1182 St. Laurent Boulevard, about a young Cambodian-Canadian struggling with the pressures of reconciling her traditional Khmer upbringing with her new Canadian home. Having escaped the turmoil in their home country of Cambodia, Chantria Tram and her family are plunged into the Canadian mosaïc. As a new immigrant, she is faced with not only the challenges of any child growing up, but also with having to deal with her traditional parents who expect her to be their “perfect Cambodian daughter”. The audience is drawn into the intergenerational struggle as Tram immerses herself in the Canadian culture that she finds so appealing, trying to find her place, while continually being confronted  with the question “Who are you? ”

15 mai 20h30 - 16 mai 14h30, 20h30 - 17 mai 14h30, 18h
Une production de Apsara Theatre


1182 boul. Saint-Laurent

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