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Du 20 au 23 février 2008

Richard III in Bouffon

Texte de William Shakespeare

RICHARD III in Bouffon is a bold new Canadian adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III.  Not for the faint of heart, this brutally upfront and hilariously off-coloured adaptation, conceived by the company, will introduce you to gross, malformed characters sporting ailments and accents and slurring of speech while delivering an adult version of the bard’s classic history.

RICHARD III in Bouffon is directed by Scott Florence, Fools’ artistic director and features actors Al Connors, Michael Brunet, Jesse Buck, Kate Smith, Nick DiGaetano and Margo MacDonald, the Fools’ co-founder. Louise Hayden, the Fools’ resident designer, creates otherworldly costumes and sets the stage for this monstrosity with David Magladry on lights.

Leave the children at home. The adult nature of this production welcomes a mature audience. Forget your manners, socially acceptable standards of behavior and prudery at the door (materials to throw at the stage will be provided by the company). Problematic issues older than the hunched king himself will rise up as the stones atop such themes as sex, race, culture, religion, historical accuracy and human nature are turned over to reveal the stark muddiness of uncorrected reality.

With brash hilarity, irreverence, social incorrectness and daring naughtiness, RICHARD III in Bouffon promises to shake up your sense of history, humour and equilibrium. Come to this unique theatre experience that will take you outside your comfort zone, expose you to deviants that will shock and delight and allow you to throw abuse back on stage. DO NOT miss this chance to bring forth your inner bouffon.

Tickets are $17 or $12 with your FourPlay Card (see for details), available from the MainLine Theatre Box Office.

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