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Du 19 au 29 mars 2008, 20h


By Alain Mercieca and Glyn Jones
Directed by Alain Mercieca
Avec Joe McLean, Katie Leggitt, Vlad De Brancovan, Alain Mercieca and T.J. Harris

Fifty year old Charlie Dibbles and his teenage nephew Jordan are hitch-hiking near Heathrow Airport, one of London's many airports. Tires squeal on the tarmac as Charlie tells Jordan "money is expensive" and begins to unfurl his incredible lexicon of past experiences, embellishments, cultural know-how, and general madness when suddenly — they are picked up.

Meanwhile, in the alleyways, two archetypical young Canadian Backpackers are verbally assaulted by a nameless joker-lunatic with an odd love for English bards and a serial attacker who targets young, Canadian, tourists.

Down in Chelsea, Greg (after only three days of being in Lunduntown) has decided to change his name to "Gregoire" and his Canadian accent to the British in order to assimilate, or as he calls it "get connected".

Natasha, Charlie's partner, is an aspiring writer who cuts to the bone of the story with political monologues about the new worlds emerging in cities and her love of coffee.

All of these characters are some how relate to Charlie Dibbles, man of the streets, immigrant arranger, former street performer manager in Montreal and New York, who keeps to his philosophy of being a World Citizen and never attunes to family, societal or national responsibilities. But Jordan Dibbles, his nephew from Westmount, pushes all of his mantras to their ends, on a mission to convince Charlie to come back to Canada for personal reasons.

"A man who is tired of London, is a man who is tired of life"- Samuel Johnson

Set in the caverns of London's East End, LUNDUNTOWN is an original Comedy, that attempts to go beyond geography in the global network while mapping out a new social and cultural landscape.  LUNDUNTOWN is a hilarious romp promising a mix of sublime moments with absolute anarchy. 

The inspiration for this work comes from Alain's travels in Western Europe and London where he visited his grandfather in the East End, walked the streets and tasted the life that coloured his father, and grandfather's life as immigrants in London for decades. 

We are all immigrants of immigrants of immigrants of immigrants, living in a world where airplanes are buses, cities swallow other cities and nationalities and bloodlines are so complex that one has to wonder: is it even worth telling somebody your name or where you're from?

$12. Regular / $10. Students, Seniors, Artists

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